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Do you want an alternative to print newspapers and magazines? Or want to keep up to date with the news as well as all the top magazine features? By subscribing to our service you can get access to over 200 titles to read on a CD player, mobile phone or laptop.

Our staff and over 200 volunteers bring you all the best news, entertainment, current affairs, lifestyle and specialist articles to make sure you don't miss out on your favourite topics. Subscriptions start from as little as £11 per year.

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If you are visually impaired, postage is free to your door for our CD service. If you can't read standard print for any other reason, talk to us to find out how to subscribe.

All prices listed on this website are applicable to individuals. If you are representing an organisation, such as a public library or local Talking Newspaper, and are interested in our audio and electronic content, please contact us to find out more


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There are over 500 local Talking Newspapers in the UK, providing audio recordings of local news in a variety of formats. For details, contact the Talking News Federation, at

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