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How To and FAQs

To make sure you are getting the best out of our service you may find it helpful to review the list of tips and answers to queries below.

What publications are available through the e-newsagent?

All the UK national daily and weekly papers;

Many regional and local papers - for example papers for Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast and London (and even areas of London)
Over 100 monthly, weekly or quarterly magazines covering a huge range of subjects from music to cookery, money matters to technology. There are even some special interest titles such as Waterways World. Check out the full list.

How do I get the titles?

There are two ways, just as there are for a sighted person using a high street newsagent - having them delivered or fetching them yourself.
You can have your choice of titles sent direct to your email inbox as soon as they are published. For many daily papers this means they are there waiting for you when you get up - just like the paper on the doormat.
Alternatively, you can pay a visit to our e-newsagent and pick up individual editions whenever it suits you. We never close. We're here 24/7. You just log in, browse around and take the magazines and papers you want - and as many as you can read. The only limitation is your time for reading them!

What devices can I use to read the files?

You can use a PC of course or any of the following:

Mobile phone (for example, one of the handsets that uses the Symbian operating system that can run a speaking application such as Talks);

Iphone (using Voiceover);
Victor Reader Stream;
Braille Sense.

Shortly the Plextor PTX1 used by over 13,000 RNIB Talking Book subscribers will also be able to receive our files! You can get more information on compatible devices from us or from RNIB's Technology Products Team (email:

Do I need special software?

No, so long as you have a web browser or text/word processor you can read our files with the access technology you generally use.

Will I pay extra to download or connect to the service?

The cost of downloading files from us will just be part of your standard contract with your internet or mobile phone service provider. It won't cost you anything extra to connect to us and read our titles on your phone or PC or save them to other devices. You can relax and enjoy the titles without worrying that you are building up a huge bill.

Is there lots to learn about how to read the files online or save them?

No, if reading them online, browsing is as for webpages in general; and saving them is just as for any other webpage, choosing HTML as the file type in the Save As option on the file menu.

Using NTNM on a Talks phone

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