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Updated 28 October 2008


Solving Download Problems with Internet Explorer (XP Only) and Firefox

iTunes RSS Feeds

Using Juice

Guide (Software Express)

Solving Download Problems with Internet Explorer (XP Only) and Firefox

If the MP3 file will not download to your PC but plays in Mediaplayer try the following:

Step 1. Open Windows Explorer (right windows key + e) or by double clicking
on the 'My Computer' icon on the desktop and from the top menu bar select
Tools (alt + t) > Folder Options (shift + alt + O)> File Types (control +

Step 2. Find the MP3 entry, by pressing the M key repeatedly, in the (long)
list that appears, select it, then select the 'Advanced' button and make
sure the 'Confirm open after download' option is ticked. Finally click OK.

3. You should now be prompted to either Open, Download or Cancel when you select a 'Download' link.

The above applies only to Windows XP - Vista/Windows 7 does not have this option. To download the file you must right click on the download link or press left shift + 10 and select 'Save link as...' from the menu.

With Firefox you have to select, from the top menu bar, Tools > Options > Content > Manage (file types). Find the MP3 entry , select Change Action then select "save them on my computer".

If you are a JAWS user, and the above does not work, you might try pressing 'Insert + Z' to switch it into 'Virtual PC Cursor Mode' and then tabbing to the 'Download' link and press the context menu key (to the left of the right control key) or pressing shift + F10 and then selecting 'save target as' from the menu.

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iTunes RSS Feeds

Warning: iTunes does not offer very good accessibility when using a screen reader.

When you a selected the iTunes pacific RSS link and you get the list of publications either by category or alphabetically.

You need to copy the URL text by highlighting the link, that is under the title, and then press ctrl + c of the publication you want from the page.

OK magazine example:


In iTunes from the 'Advanced' menu, select 'Subscribe to Podcast' and paste the link into the window that appears by press ctrl + v.

You should be prompted for your username and password.

You will need to repeat this for each publication you want to download.

iTunes Notes:

By default iTunes will only download side 1. You have to select the 'Get All' button that appears in the main window after the publication title.

There is a small grey triangle 'button' next the beginning of the title in the main window. Selecting this will hide the downloads and also the 'Get All' button for that title, selecting it again show the downloads again.

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Using Juice

Download Juice

To use Juice you need to install it on your PC (Windows XP recomended) then set it up to subscribe to the publications you would like to listen to

When you run it for the first time you need to do the following:

First open a web browser and goto http://www.talkingnewspapers.org/tnaservice/rss_alphabetical.jsp and choose the publication(s) from the list you want, by copying the relevant link.



1) In Juice select the 'Subscriptions' tab or press control + N and copy and paste the URL into the URL field in the 'Add a feed' dialogue box that appears and then press tab.

2) Press shift + tab to select the 'general' tab then press control + tab which should take you to the 'Clean up' tab - this option allows you to automatically remove older episodes after a given amount of days - this is off by default.

3) Press control + tab again for the 'Authentication' tab should now be selected and you can then enter your ID and password into the fields. Finally tab to the 'Save' button.

4) The just added subscription should now be selected - press tab then down arrow.

5) In the plain below side 2/3/4 of the files are displayed, these will have a state of 'skipped'. Press the down arrow to go through each side and press enter or space bar if you are using a JAWS (or other screen reader) to change the state to 'To Download'.

This should enable all sides to be downloaded. These settings should be remembered for each subscription and does not have to be done again.

Now all sides will then downloaded for each publication.

You will need to do this for each publication you want to listen to.

Once this has been done click the 'Check for new pod casts' button on the top left of the window or press F6.

It should now start downloading the files.

Once the files are downloaded they can be found in 'My Document/My Received Podcasts/'.

You can also listen to them in Juice, is you prefer, by selecting the file want to listen then pressing shift + 10 or right clicking and choosing 'play episode in media player' where you selected the addition sides.

When new files are uploaded Juice will check for them and download them for you.

Using The Juice 'Clean up' Option

Press shift + tab until the 'Clean up' option is selected.

Tab until the 'Select a feed' option is selected.

From the drop down menu cursor down through the list until you come to the entry that you want to delete. Tab until you reach the 'select all' button and press enter then tab again until you reach the 'delete' button and press enter. You will have to tab to the 'select a feed' option again to choose another entries or tab until the refresh button and press return to remove the deleted entries from the 'select a feed' list.

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Guide (Software Express)

Unfortunately Guide cannot be used to access this service at present.

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