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Audio Download Service: Instructions

The download service can be accessed at: http://www.talkingnewspapers.org/tnaservice

The download service enables users to download NTN's audio output in two ways.

You can download audio on demand via the download listing, or using a podcast aggregator, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds and have the latest publications downloaded as soon as they are available.

The Download Listing

The download listing groups the publications available for download by category. To view the list of publication editions available in each category, click the appropriate category link.

The publication editions available in that category will then be listed in alphabetical order, and then by publication in reverse order of edition date. Please note that only the most recent two editions of each publication will be available for download.

Clicking on a link for a publication edition will give you access to the individual parts of the publication, each part representing one tape side - about 45 minutes of audio. At this point, you can choose to play any one of the parts by activating the 'play link, or download the file in order to listen to it later, by activating the 'download' link. If you would like to access the publication part on a track-by-track basis, click the 'part' link. This will take you to the track listing for that part. Each track is listed along with the track length and file size. Just as with the individual parts, you can choose to listen to the track or download it.

Also available on each 'Part' page is a playlist link. This will load a playlist containing all the tracks listed for that part into your media player, allowing you to jump from track to track within the player. Please note: Each playlist is unique to each publication edition. If you attempt to save a playlist within your player, it will cease to work when that edition is no longer available.

Please note: It is not currently possible to give each individual track a meaningful name, so most content tracks are labelled "Article 1", "Aricle 2" etc.

On each screen the final link is a 'Go Back' link or pressing the 'Back Space' key which will take you back to the previous screen. You can also navigate to any screen in the hierarchy using the page context links at the start of each page.

When you activate a play link, the associated audio will play using your default media player.

The RSS Listing

An RSS feed is provided for each publication.

Subscribing to an RSS feed will enable you to download the latest edition of a particular publication automatically.

You can view the publication feeds by category or alphabetically.

To utilise the RSS feeds you will need to use an RSS/podcast aggregator.

You can subscribe by clicking on the appropriate link, or by pasting the associated URL directly into your aggregator.

Please note: When automatically checking a newsfeed for updates, many aggregators will, by default, only download the latest available file. As each edition of our publications is distributed as 2 or 4 files, this can result in only one of the files being downloaded. Depending on your aggregator, you should be able to change settings to enable all outstanding files to be downloaded.

Password Protection

In order to access the audio provided through the download service, you will need to obtain a username and password. These should be provided when you sign up for the service. If you have problems signing in, or if you forget your username and password, please email audio@tnauk.org.uk for assistance.

You will be prompted for your username and password when you first try and access audio during each browser session. Please note, in certain versions of WinAmp the prompt for username and password is via a single dialogue where you will need to provide username and login in the format [username/login]:[password].

The RSS feeds are also subject to the same password protection. You will need to provide your username and password in the appropriate settings properties for each feed. If you are using Juice for example, you will need to enter the information by accessing the properties of each feed listed under the subscriptions tab, and then selecting the Authentication tab.

Download Speed

Each publication part (about 45 minutes of audio) should take about 1 minute to download using a 2Mb Broadband connection. Using dial-up, it will take approximately 40 minutes.

Recommended Software

NTN recommend Firefox v2 web browsing and WinAmp for playing media. For the RSS feeds we recommend Juice.

Help & Feedback

If you need any assistance with the service, to report a problem or if you have any other feedback, please email audio@tnauk.org.uk.

Last Update: v1 - 4th June 2007

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